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25mm clearance

Simmo72Simmo72 Posts: 262
edited January 2018 in Workshop

Looking for some advice.

I've got a Ti frame where the back wheel can fit a 25mm, but no more. 28mm just kisses the back of the seat tube. I'm running standard width rims and Rubino pro 25mm tyres but I do enjoy riding 28mm, especially in the winter.

Does anyone have experience of whether using a more modern wheel, say Hunts offerings, where a wider rim should spread the tyre out, which I am assuming would make it possible to put a wider tyre on as the profile is reduced, making some clearance.

If this isn't the case I'm thinking a wider rim should make a 25mm closer to a 28 anyway for the above reason so I can always just do this, but good to hear from others.


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