Current noise deadening underlay/mats of choice to put under turbo?

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I'm thinking about buying a roll of ... erlay.html , to use under my turbo with perhaps another layer of waterproof mat over the top, while using the surplus underlay under the rugs in the front and back rooms.

Allegedly ~46dB of noise dampening.

I was forced to move my turbo from the wooden floored back (with turbo on rug) room to the concrete(?) floored kitchen this past week, due to complaints from downstairs neighbours. Trying to keep the peace, I've done each session since while the washing machine has been doing a load, but I've been hesitant on giving it "full beans" on the flat and downhill in Zwift but putting in reasonable efforts up climbs.

I'm getting the impression that turbo mats don't do much for noise, same for those inter-locking York gym tiles etc.
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  • You need to really isolate the turbo vibrations from the floor. The carpet underlay plus rubber matting will take some of it out. A few layers of rubber under a board of MDF then rubber then your turbo on top can work too. Have a little google on sound deadening for ideas.

    But if your turbo is a particularly loud or heavy vibrating one then not much will save you!
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    Check out stac zero for a silent trainer. AS quiet as you can get.
  • From memory, I think DCRainmaker said the Direto is ~70dB.

    The kitchen vinyl has a ~8mm plyboard layer under it, trying to determine the solid floor under the plyboard is tricky. It must be something pretty solid to cope with the washing machine.

    Part of me thinks, just get something like ... ref=sr_1_1 , because neighbours have not complained at all since I moved my turbo training to the kitchen...

    But I've only done that twice so far and both times have been while a washing load has been on, plus they were both solo climb workouts to the radio mast using just the 34T chainring and typically the 18-32 sprockets. I want to dabble in the race events again (no doubt getting my behind kicked) and if I do that, I can't afford to take things easy on the flat and downhill, which means bigger gears and more noise and the unknown of how much sound is heading below our kitchen.
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  • Does anyone have experience of the Kinetic and Cycleops training mats, in terms of how they compared at reducing turbo vibration?

    Just come across ... nd-rubber/ , to maybe use under a sweat-proof mat.
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    2017 Cube Attain GTC Pro Disc 2016
    2016 Voodoo Wazoo
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    my mate uses his trainer on the communal landing outside his flat....Bags of room no one uses - free leccy and his wifi works ok too. Bonus ...great view across the fields from the landing windows complaints !!
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    Nitrous, these are child's play - look up some heavy duty matting, like horse matting or tiles that are sold to put under vibrating washing machines. The better stuff will be heavy at few cm thick and pain to handle, but dampen well. Ideally, layering would be best, like MiddleRinger said. That's just for decoupling turbo from the floor, not direct noise in the room.
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    Here you go. Roll some of this under your kitchen flooring. Designed to do the job. ... lsrc=aw.ds