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Been looking around for a while but often adverts dont show all the modes and displays available.

I am looking for a computer that does the following..

1 Displays Ave Speed (MPH)
2 trip duration

Display two things above with decent size figures e.g.


I want to see Im doing 15Mph ave and stop when the visible elapsed time hits the hour!


  • Garmin edge 25 cheapest. Edge 500 gives you more options down the line.

    Element bolt is the best.

    Many other options out there but this is my experience.
  • If that's all you want, a basic wired Cateye or similar will do the job!

    For a bit more tech and GPS functionality, something like a Garmin Edge 520/820 or Elemnt Bolt can be set up with just two metrics on the screen. It'll give you a much larger display also, but it depends on if you want to spend that much.
  • I would recommend going on eBay and finding a Garmin Edge 500. It’s easy to use and has no frills clear screen. You could pay anywhere between £80-£150 for a newer alternative that offer you lots of stuff you probably don’t need or care about. The 500 can be found for as cheap as £35 second hand in top condition. And if you want a bit more functionality like cadence or heart rate it will still do all that too.
  • figbatfigbat Posts: 680
    Like this?


    Both items are configurable; where I have distance, you could have elapsed time (or loads of others). You can then zoom out and see additional metrics using the buttons on the RHS.
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  • Lezyne Super GPS has configurable data output for number of fields, up to 8 now per each of its five pages.
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  • thx for the replies. budget £40

    FigBat, which one is that - good clear displays

    Will that one do Ave speed and Ride duration?
  • That's the wahoo element bolt. Sadly more expensive.

    I'd go for the edge 500 which has a similarly clear display. The drawback is that the device will only sync with a cable rather than Bluetooth if you want to upload to Garmin or Strava.

    There are around 100 different metrics you can display with as few as 1 or up to 10 at a time.

    Here's my edge 500

  • yiannismyiannism Posts: 345
    ive bought garmin 500 refurbish from wiggle 2 years ago and has everything i need other than the connectivity with the phone. The only issue that has is that some times cant connect with the pc, but little W40 fix the problem. On your budget is the best that you can buy even if its 2nd hand.
  • shiznit76shiznit76 Posts: 640
    go on ebay and get a garmin 200, does what you want and you shouldget one for your budget second hand
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