Tacx Flow speed / distance issue... please help!

Hi all,

I have a Tacx Flow Smart trainer, and my bike has a 4iiii power meter (acts as a cadence sensor as well). I have a Garmin edge 500, which when on the trainer, shows my cadence and power just fine, but nothing for distance or speed.

The trainer needs to be connected to the mains in order for it to function as a smart trainer, but i'm not interested in all that interactive stuff (for now), and id prefer to not have it plugged into the mains all the time. Id just like to see:

- Power (works)
- Cadence (works)
- Distance (doesn't work)
- Speed (doesn't work)

So is there a way, without plugging it in, to see my speed and distance on my garmin edge 500?

Thank for your help in advance everyone



  • bobones
    bobones Posts: 1,215
    You need an on-wheel speed sensor, which counts revolutions from which speed/distance can be calculated using the wheel diameter/circumference, e.g. Garmin speed sensor.