Which 'scotchbrite' for buffing matte titanium?

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I have some cable rub in unorthodox/unexpected spot on a titanium frame. Can this be buffed out? I heard people use scotchbrite pad - i am not familiar with those, don't suppose they would be the kitchen sponge variety? My frame is matte/non-shiny titanium.


  • Not sure I would use any abrasive material on a frame. If you do, I’d test it somewhere you won’t see it like under the B.B. shell, even then I’d proceed with caution.
  • Not sure about matt titanium but I've used the kitchen sponge variety on my Litespeed Vortex since I've had it. It's about 13 years old now and looks as good as the day I bought it.
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    It's scotchbrite pads that I would use. You get different grades (colours). Any paint factor will sell the different grades - they're used a lot in body shops. Short video here of someone using this approach on their Van Nicholas:

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