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Downloadable HRM

Tom MTom M Posts: 37
edited January 2018 in Road general
Am on the lookout for a standalone HR monitor that has the capability to record all the data and then subsequently download in to some kind of programme for later review. A quick scan suggests most units have GPS and other bits included, which aren't really needed. Just after something that would be fairly straightforward to use, could hold a good bit of data, and allow computer analysis. Any thoughts?


  • fat daddyfat daddy Posts: 2,605
    Wahoo tickr

    you just put it on and it logs what you are doing .. later you can download it to the wahoo app .... get the tickrx and it also has a motion sensor so works as cadence for cycling or running and logging reps if at the gym
  • Tom MTom M Posts: 37
    That could be a possible then. Could I download the data off the app onto a computer programme of some sort?
  • fat daddyfat daddy Posts: 2,605
    you can export workouts from the wahoo fitness app as tcx, gpx, pwx, csv, wf, pdf, all of them, all of them zipped

    it also uploads to

    nike+, strava, Training peakls, runkeeper, mmf, ride with gps, todays plan, megeella, 2peak, myfitness pal, dily mile, analytics or dropbox.

    depending what sensors you have connecting to the app I assume regarding GPS
  • EBEBEBEB Posts: 98
    There are several versions of the TICKR. For memory does it not need to be the ‘TICKR X’? I might have my names wrong.

    An alternative is the 4iiii viiiiva. I don’t rate the company as highly as Wahoo, but it has an ANT+ Bluetooth Bridge and a memory. It can record not only heart rate, but also speed, cadence, power etc. I don’t think it has as many file formats, but you can export. I use one to connect my phone when using Sufferfest. You got occasional drop outs, but for regular sessions it is perfect.
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