Hub dynamo powered front light - recommendations?

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Wasn't sure where to post this - but I need a new front light for the tank-like Dutch bike I commute on.

It has a Shimano front hub with hub brake & dynamo all together - I think it outputs 6v and 3.2w. The original light was a flimsy little thing with the kind of bulb I remember in '80's bike lights - but it got shaken to bits riding on bumpy paths.

Any (budget priced!) recommendations for a replacement?
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    Might get some more takers over in Road Cycling -> Road Buying Advice? Especially amongst the long distance riders..

    What "is" your budget and needs - town or rural? I know many rave about the B+M IQ lights, but they aren't really cheap at ~£80 each. ... eadlights/

    Look at the continental sites, much better selection than the UK sites.
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    Again not cheap but Supernova lights are very good, otherwise maybe something like this; ... b-dynamos/
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