wahoo speed sensor

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This is probably a stupid question but just want to double on something . I stopped cycling in August 2017 but want to try and start it again , I have a wahoo bolt computer but want to start using my bike on a turbo trainer . If I buy a wahoo speed sensor will it show speed/distance on my bolt when used on the turbo ? I already have a cadence sensor . All the pics I see of the speed sensor show it on front wheels .
Thanks in advance .


  • redvision
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    It depends on your turbo.
    If you have a wheel on turbo then using the speed sensor on the back wheel will give you the speed and distance, but if you have a direct drive this is not an option (as you remove the rear wheel).
    Although most direct drive turbos (or any smart turbo) today can measure or estimate speed, cadence, power etc and have inbuilt ant+ or bluetooth to transmit the data
  • sibike
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    Thanks , Its a wheel on turbo trainer .
    I will get one ordered .
  • It'll work. I have a Bolt and a speed/cadence sensor on wheel/crank and it works fine on turbo.