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Boardman MX Sport vs Cube Nature Pro

Lloydyboy89Lloydyboy89 Posts: 3
edited January 2018 in MTB buying advice
Hi All,

Like most posting here I’m looking at getting myself a new bike with my usage being for commuting to and from work (mostly road/pavement with some light off-road) and also the odd weekend woodland/light trail (I have a Vizsla dog who loves running through the woods and is great with bikes)

I’ve been doing quite a bit of research and had settled on the Voodoo Bizango 29er;

but after some thought I decided that the Voodoo Bizango would be more suited if I was doing a lot more off road/trail riding. I then done some research into hybrid’s and am currently stuck between the following two;

Boardman MX Sport Bike -


Cube Nature Pro 2017 -

I have been able to find lots of reviews for the Boardman MX Sport which have given me a decent insight into the bike, however I have struggled to find much at all for the Cube Nature Pro.

So I’m just looking for some advice on my choices, or if I’ve missed another option or just any general feedback would be much appreciated.



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