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Will a SRAM NX BB30 Chainset with X-Sync Chainring work with a road set up?

Want to change my set up to 1x and as my frame is BB30 I was thinking of swapping out my double to a 1x chainset, saw an Apex one on wiggle but it has a 42t chainring so I am thinking of the SRAM NX with a 32t chainring as long as it will fit?

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    The NX should work, but the double chainset you have will also work fine with a single ring, as well. 32 is probably a tad small for most CX courses, but it's your money..
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    I'm fairly sure the NX won't work. Assuming you have a 68mm bottom bracket shell, the NX for MTBs will be 73mm and you can't space out a press fit BB. I tried an NX on a Trek BB90 and didn't get it to work.

    Like Imposter says though you don't need a 1 by specific chainset, just stick a narrow wide chainring on the inside of your existing chainset. You'll be limited to minimum 34t for 110bcd.
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    Unfortunately my 2x crank is knackered (its old and somehow the thread on the inside of the crankarm is knackered so it wont reattach to the drive side), might at some point see if I can get the thread sorted but thought I would take the opportunity to swap it out to a 1x chainset.

    Have had a look at gearing and with swapping my cassette at the back to a 11-34 (tiagra 10 spd rear mech) and the 42T Sram Apex 1x chainset i should have similar gearing with the 36x 32 set up on there now, plus a larger big gear.

    36x32 = 30.52 inches and 42x34 = 33.49 inches, i know that gear sounds a lot for cross, but I dont race yet and a lot of my riding where I live requires a spinning granny gear as it can be more akin to a MTB trail than somewhere you would ride a cross bike, with rocks to climb up and steep paths that you can cycle up and not ness run up.

    The setup would then be:

    105 5700 shifters
    Tiagra 4700 rear mech (GS)
    Tiagra 4700 cassette (11-34)
    KMC 10spd chain
    TRP Spyre calipers (mechanical)
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