Good TL tyres for different conditions

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I'm looking for new tyres for my CX bike. Usage: for second wheelset, mixed, light terrain, sometimes wet, sometimes dry, sometimes road. Tubeless. Not for racing, but I like fast riding :) What can you recomend? I found:

- Schwalbe X-One Allround (EVO edition) 700x33c
- Rubena Mitas X-FIELD 700x33c
- Rubena Mitas X-ROAD 700x33c
- Maxxis Mud Wrestler TR EXC 700x33c
- Maxxis Larsen MiMo CX 700x35c
- Continental CycloXKing 700x32c


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    What's the largest tyre your frame will take.
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  • I think 700x38c, maybe 700x40c - it's Planet X XLS from 2014
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    I have 700x40c WTB Nanos tubeless. They're pretty good on the road, but I use mine mostly offroad. I've been looking at the WTB Resolute 700x42c for a more mucky conditions.
    Now where's that "Get Out of Crash Free Card"
  • Only one I’ve used is the x-ones.

    They appear judging by strava times to be close to the road bikes I’ve had in the past with decent tyres, on the road.

    They also appear to be more robust than most CX tyres I normally rip the side walls at some point, I use the CX on MTB trails and what not so it’s not that surprising.

    They do appear to grip well, though they also wear fast, the two maybe related!

    They aren’t great in deep mud, but in fairness they don’t clog, but can’t dig deep enough.

    Personally I rate them but I’ve not used the others, so.
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    Irc serrac cx 32mm are grippy and decent in most conditions. I use the mtb version serrac xc, sane tyre but wider, and I love them. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • I decided to try Schwalbe X-One Allround - I have already used them but on performance line and without tubeless. It will be Evo line and tubeless this time. Just waiting for new wheelset, tires are ready to mount ;)
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    If you ride on the road a fair bit then avoid the Vittoria Terrano Wet tyres, use my cross bike for commuting (10 miles a day) as well as some training rides and off road stuff, the rear Terrano Wet lasted just under 2 months rendering it useless off road and a bit sketchy onroad. Mate of mine uses WTB Cross Boss and gets around 7 months out of his using them mainly on road.
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