80s component manufacturer questions

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Good morning fellow vintage cyclists,

I am looking for some insights to what companies manufactures what components in the 80s so that I can replace some parts with "appropriate" period components.

My questions are particularly on the quill stem and drop bars.

I have a Belgian road bike dated as 1983 (Ludo, as you might be familiar with my other thread on here). Most components are French (Huret derailleurs, Maillard freewheel), and some Belgian (square wheels) / Dutch (gum wall tyres) / German (Thun crankset, Weinmann brake levers), and few Japanese (SR quill stem and Sakae drop bar).

I could simply swap over SR quill stem (currently 10.5cm reach centre to centre) and Sakae drop bar (currently 41.5cm centre to centre) to same makers in the size I want (8cm reach stem & around 37cm drop bar), but my OCD insists that I should keep the bike "European" consistency... other than Cinelli and 3T, I have no idea who made quill stem and drop bars in Europe in the 80s. SR & Sakae seem to be the most common manufacturer at the time so if not I can always get them, but I thought I'd ask here if there are other options from Europe.

Any French / German / Italian manufacturers popular in the 80s which made quill stem and drop bar?

Happy cycling!


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    Brilliant, thanks very much both.

    I've been looking on eBay for good condition components, but anything other than SR/Sakae is either rare or very expensive NOS.

    Is there any other source of bargain second-hand 80s components other than eBay? I know that there isn't much retro scene around where I live in Hampshire (or at least I haven't heard anyone doing a business in retro bike components).

    Happy cycling!
  • Browse eBay/ Velobase/ etc you’ll find there were loads of European manufacturers, too many to list! For the sake of getting it right you’ve got to fork out the cash. Unfortunately the vintage bike business has got expensive!
    PS. I wouldn’t put SR or Sakae on one of my vintage bikes!!