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keeping feet well toes warm

jewbsjewbs Posts: 139
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I'm using defeat wollie bullie socks and endura neoprene overshoe covers but am finding my toes getting cold during my rides. It takes a while but my toes eventually get cold. I'm tempted to try some toe covers under the overshoes to see if that helps or a different overshoe cover , just thought i would ask what others use or have tried to solve this problem . Are there any overshoe covers that are good at keeping toes warm.


  • ben@31ben@31 Posts: 2,327
    You also need to keep your core warm, because when your core gets cold it draws blood away from your extremities to protect it.
    Also check to make sure your cycling shoes aren't too tight.
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  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,746
    Pretty much as Ben mentions above. If the sock is to thick in the shoe it can restrict blood flow causing it to get cold.
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  • lincolndavelincolndave Posts: 9,441
    If it’s very cold I wear northwave Fahrenheit boots and Sealskinz socks, that combination works for me.
    I normally wear merino socks, shoes and over boots if the temperature is 5 / 10 degs ( winter only )
    I suffer with cold feet
  • Two pairs of overshoes, a thinner one with a thicker neoprene one .
    I cycle daily to work and back on roads bordering the north east coast and the is the combo I have found the best one.
  • Have you tried taping over any vents in your shoes, (as well as wearing the woodie socks and overshoes)?
  • Shoe sole air holes filled in bathroom sealant - I'm sure they're useful in a Californian summer :roll: Make sure they are not too tight.

    Defeet WBs with Endura thin toe covers under either another thin waterproof full bootie or thicker neoprene ones depending on the temperature.

    Always have nice warm feet when you leave the house - they aren't going to warm up!

    If it's 2 degrees or something like that I'll still be getting cold toes after an hour but this is the best combo I've found.
  • minnntminnnt Posts: 102
    I’m in the same predicament. Went out today for 75 miles and after about the 25-30 mark my feet were like ice. Tried tin foil today too but that didn’t work either. I’m wearing DeFeet WB and DHB neoprene overshoes. I’ve tried other merino socks to no avail. Meh.
  • Have a look through this recent thread. It mentions heated insoles which I’m considering. Sports pursuits currently sell them. ... t=13087862
  • jewbsjewbs Posts: 139
    Thanks for all the replies . My shoes are not too tight, they fit me well and have enough room in the toe area in fact my right toes suffered more than my left and my right shoe was a bit looser than the left, it has a tendency to loosen a bit whilst i'm riding. My toe vents on the sole are closed i have sidi ergo 3"s. My toes and feet are nice and warm when i start and its after about an hour they start to get cold. I try to wiggle my toes to help circulation. Just wonder if my neoprene overshoes are up to the job, think i might try some toe covers under them.
  • I don't think you'll get past an hour without getting cold unless you add heat with a heated insole. There are lots about, mostly designed for skiing or motorbikes. Most seem to have a battery pack strapped to your leg. Maybe someone with experience can chip in as I've not tried them....
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