frame protection guidelines

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Hi, I have recently bought a 29er mtb and I would like to add some frame protection
I found out that there are different kinds of protective tapes and plastic, kevlar, neoprene chainstay protectors.
Are protective tapes good enough for protecting chainstay or down tube from rocks ?
I ended up to these protective tapes
3M Polyurethane Protective Tape 8671HS
3M Scotch Rubber Mastic Tape 2228

what would you suggest from your experience ?
Thank you.


  • thistle_
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    I helitaped the downtube of my bike when I got it - absolutely no marks on it from rocks/gravel in 7 years. The tape has been replaced twice. However I don't think there's any marks on the chainstays from rocks and they are not taped. I have a chainstay protector thing on the drive side which has mostly stopped the chain chewing up the metal.

    When I say Helitape, I've no idea which one I bought apart from it was a clear plastic one (not kevlar). The current tape was easy to apply and there are no bubbles in it, but one roll of tape was a b*stard to apply, wouldn't sit/stretch right and looked awful.

    I've just put some of this on my road bike: ... -809-p.asp This seems similar to the b*stard tape. It still does its job of protecting the frame, but it's awkward to apply which ends up making it look a mess.

    The 3M 8671HS is supposed to be the best, but it's also really expensive.