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Potenza crankset upgrade

baz69baz69 Posts: 94
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I am currently in process of upgrading my potenza groupset to chorus eps,the crankset is potenza power torque 50/34,
Is there any advantage to changing to chorus ultra torque crankset,or just keep potenza,merlin have a few different deals on at moment with chorus and super record in various configurations,as well as 50/34 they have 39/52 ,unsure of which way to go with crankset,any advice greatly appreciated.btw cassette is 12/29.


  • I did the same. Campag over torque , comp ultra is a great looking chainset. Like super record quality and looks. On offer at Merlin. I fitted a comp ultra .
  • baz69baz69 Posts: 94
    did you have to change bottom bracket to suit ,as I emailed merlin before about the comp ultra over torque chainset 39/53 ,they replied wouldn't fit as I have power torque set up ,presumably if I change bottom bracket it will work ,also if I kept potenza chainset can I just change chain rings over to comp ultra as I would like to keep 34/50 rings,I assume any of the campagnolo chain sets on merlin site will work as long as I change bb,never changed crankset before so excuse my lack of knowledge on this.
  • mercia_manmercia_man Posts: 1,391
    There is no practical advantage to “upgrading” your Potenza chainset to Chorus. Only you can decide whether it’s worth spending so much money to ensure matching logos on mechs and cranks.
  • baz69baz69 Posts: 94
    Thanks Mercia man,this is what I am trying to find out as to the advantage if any upgrading the chainset from potenza,probably wouldn't bother other than the offers in merlin at mo are tempting.
  • mercia_manmercia_man Posts: 1,391
    Potenza is a good 11-speed chainset with a built-in crank extractor - unlike the original power torque cranks which were a nightmare to remove. It works just the same as Chorus/Record etc. So why pay money to replace a good piece of kit? You would need to establish what bottom bracket system you have and would likely need to buy a specialist fitting tool. For example, if you have a standard BSA bottom bracket with external screw-in bearing cups (like I have) you would have to buy an ultra torque cup fitting tool and a big long Allen key to secure the two halves of the axle. All this just for a change from aluminium to carbon and a posher logo - not worth it, in my opinion.
  • baz69baz69 Posts: 94
    Bottom bracket is power torque system os-fit integrated cups bb30 68x46 mm
  • Pretty much all 10 and 11 speed chainsets will work just fine. The choice on looks and weight etc are yours.
    I like the comp ultra look. It's basically the same as my Super record on another bike. The newer potenza style isn't for me.
    Really all bike jewellery to be honest.
    You tube shows a specific tool for fitting over torque if I remember, and yes you need a specific b.bracket.
  • baz69baz69 Posts: 94
    Thanks can I change the chain rings from potenza to any of the other campagnolo chainsets,insuring I keep the 34/50 not the 39/53 that comes with any on sale.
  • mercia_manmercia_man Posts: 1,391
    The newer Campag four arm chainsets have rings compatible with your Potenza. The older five arm design is not compatible with Potenza rings. The five arm cranks are the ones with the big discount in the Merlin sale. -
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