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Article about sprinters avg. watts?

JakeJJakeJ Posts: 151
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Mornin' all,

I remember reading an article about all of the top level sprinters from this years world tour and their max. watts, avg. watts, speed ect.

But now I can't seem to find it, it may have even been a feature on BR, but after a few different google searches I can't seem to find it.

If anyone knows the article I'm talking about, could anyone with more brain cells than me paste a link in for me.

Thanks in advance,



  • ryan_w-2ryan_w-2 Posts: 1,162
    Sagan 18” = 1,220w

    Ryan 18” = 1,310w


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  • Not the article you were after, but I was reading this last Milan San Remo this year Kwiatkowski averaged 619W for the last 800m of the Poggio at 9.1 W/kg and then averaged 1,149W (16.9W/kg) for the last five seconds of the race to just get past Sagan. All after 300km and 7 hours of racing. Yeesh! ... -cyclists/
  • JakeJJakeJ Posts: 151
    Ryan_W wrote:
    Sagan 18” = 1,220w

    Ryan 18” = 1,310w



    your picture doesn't seem to work? I'm interested to see!

    I did 1214W on a wattbike in the gym the other night, after being on it for 20 minuets, not after a 200km race & I probably held it for 0.0002 seconds.

    Thinking maybe I should start using an asthma pump.
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