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£2k full suss, Bird, or, other?

jamskijamski Posts: 737
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Hi all.

Been away for a few months. My bike was on the rear of my car when someone crashed, pretty quickly, into the back of me. Car written off a a good £1400 worth of damage to my bike, which is a write off too.

The insurance looks like it's approaching paying out, so I'm starting to look around at options. Had a Boardman Pro FS before, loved it, but the good news is it's looking like I could potentially have around the £2k mark to spend this time.

Living near and riding Swinley Forest a lot, Bird was the first brand that came to mind, and I'm having trouble finding something that comes close for the same price. My only concern with the Bird is do I go for the 120 or the 145? As fit as I can get, hills are always my nemesis! So really don't want something that will slow me down further. I'll obviously demo them, but just after opinions and options, anything else I should be looking at. MUST be able to demo them and I want a lockout on the shock.


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  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Disclaimer, the Bird guys are friends of mine, and I've been peripherally involved since the thinking about it stage.

    The 120 will do pretty much anything, is slightly easier uphill, and a bit more chuckable on twisty stuff and for Swinley, or even SH is probably the best option.

    Saying that the 145 climbs well, and is obviously a bit more forgiving on the rougher, steeper stuff.

    Demo is the best option. And obviously the build flexibility is a good factor, so you can have pretty much any bits you want.

    FWIW, they are good guys, and any advice will be genuine, and not sales spiel.

    ps. Although I have plenty of friends with random Birds, I ride a 120mm FS 29er. I've had a short ride on the prototype AERIS AM9, and was suitably impressed. If you're considering 29er it might be worth the wait. More bike than I need though. For my riding I'd have the 120, but I'm old and a bit of a censored .
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  • jamskijamski Posts: 737
    Thanks Cooldad, totally hear what you're saying. What I love about a full suss is the confidence it gives me over the rough stuff and even to the point of starting to jump, which I never thought I'd do! That is what makes me want the 145. I'll demo them both, but I think given the spec and price, and everything else you get with them, it's very hard to beat. Thinking of the LSX version rather than Sram NX. Currently have GX and Guide R brakes so the NX and Level T brakes seems like a slight step down.
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  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,997
    Don't thankyou could go wromg with either Bird, given your starting to get confidence up and start jumping the 145 may be the better bet. Have ridden the 120 and I liked it but had not long got my Anthem so couldn't afford to swap. Personally I prefer shimano over sram but that's my opinion, SLX running gear is brilliant and shadow plus is as well.
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  • JGTRJGTR Posts: 1,404
    YT, Canyon or Commencal for the money, Bird is nice and 120 will suffice but I found it a bit slow and sluggish, needs to be ridden fast and down hill to come alive, ok if you’re an aggressive rider. Whyte T130 was very nice, nimble and poppy but slightly out of price range, not best spec for money either.
  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,535
    Whyte T130S or Bird 120 would get my vote. You should be able to demo both at Swinley as the bike hire place has the Whyte I think and bird will lend you one for the day.

    T130S is more expensive but if you can still find a 2017 in your size you should get it on budget.

    The Focus Spine is well rated by some that I know too. Great VFM.
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