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Fitting seat post with adjusting screw on top

houmoushoumous Posts: 3
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Hi Guys

Can someone enlighten me as to how to fit a saddle to a TomTou seat post please? See attached image. Its got a bolt at the top which is virtually inaccessible with the saddle in the clamps.

Appreciate your help.


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    Can't you put it in from below like the other one?
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  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,256
    Replace the allen bolt with a hex bolt and then go at it from the side...
  • MatthewfalleMatthewfalle Posts: 17,380
    The same set up as in a Cervelo Soloist - utter utter pain the backside.

    I found that it was a case of do up a quarter of a turn, extract Allen, do up a quarter of a turn and so on.

    And bear in mind this is one of those seat posts where you set the level by balancing the front and back bolts it’s going to drive you mad.
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    This is one of the silliest threads I've come across. :lol:

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    He's right you know.
  • The manufacturer obviously intends you to use a saddle with a fart slot, which makes the allen bolt easily accessible from above. This seatpost has them both accessible from below, but you get the idea:
  • mugensimugensi Posts: 558
    Its the same on seat posts fitted to new Felt bikes but luckily mine came equipped with a Prologo Kappa Space and so the bolt can be accessed through the cut out.
  • Thanks for all your helpful comments Guys. Happy New Year.
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