Land’s end to John O’Groats

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Hi I recently come out of the Army last year, and me being me am getting very bored so I decided to get a bike and start riding and got into it very well longest journey being being 120 miles in just over 9 hours so cut along story short.... next year I won’t to do an charity event and really push myself Land’s end to John O’Groats in 5 days with riding 14 hour days with 10hours rest eat sleep ect. So a little advice on best time of year to do if any one has ever done the journey themselves is that a resonoble time frame for me to achieve any advise would be greatfull. Thanks


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    Will you be carrying any luggage or having a support car to help you out ? That makes a big difference.

    The direct way is something like 900 miles but I'd not advise it. Fast busy dangerous roads.

    Plan the route well and then you've at least a fighting chance of arriving there. Something like this :

    Your schedule sounds too ambitious to me, and you'd have to do the more risky route.

    Chances are you'll only do it the once so you may as well enjoy it ? Nobody's going to pay too much attention to your schedule - just riding the route is challenge enough.
  • I would be carrying luggage equipment spare clothing ect food but little as possible what time of year would be best thanks
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    How are you carrying the luggage ? Rack and panniers ? Rucsack ? You need to get the bike sorted and practice with loads so you can seee what it's like.

    If it were me I'd be looking to do it early September. Have a nice long summer of good weather to get the long rides in.
    Septembers usually pretty decent weather.
  • Ok thanks for the advice
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    Good advise from Fenix, i echo what he said. Good luck with planning the ride and settling in civvie street. A group of four of us rode it supported over 9 stages, years back, had great ride. We went in late September. Sounds like you are going to do it as more of a challenge with less days to do it in. I would consider going in June or July to take advantage of the long daylight hours so you wont be riding much in darkness if at all. Also when you plan your route its obvious to pick faster more direct A roads. These are generally less pleasant to ride on and carry greater risk from traffic, take a bit more time to complete the ride in order to use the safer roads. Accom plan well in advance, as your ex Army poss consider military camps along the route as these will be free, write to Regiments etc they may offer you assistance? Awesome memories of the ride and I have to mention the Crask Inn we stayed at in the Highlands, we camped in the owners field, awesome breakfast with a wee bit e salt in yer porridge laddie.
    Caveat - I buy and ride cheap, however, I reserve the right to advise on expensive kit that I have never actually used and possibly never will
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    This is the route I did this Apr /May. We had perfect weather. Very lucky.

    I was in the ‘fast’ group and it took us 8 days, but had to accommodate for the medium and slow groups.

    We also had support teams and stayed in hotels (typical RAF)...
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    kirkee wrote:
    I would consider going in June or July to take advantage of the long daylight hours so you wont be riding much in darkness if at all.
    I'd agree with this; 14 hours riding a day will be more like 15 when you factor in stops, and I'd want them all to be in daylight.