misuro b+ sensor with Muin - power realistic?

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Hi All,
Have recently bought the Muin 2 indoor trainer and misuro b+ sensor for power data. After using it for a few weeks I have come to the conclusion that either the sensor is way off or I am a much more powerful cyclist than I thought! (Guessing the former sadly).

In a full hour FTP test I was able to average 343 watts which is way more than I was expecting - Having never ridden with power data before I have nothing to compare this to. I am a keen but not a particularly fast cyclist (I don't race etc), weigh 80kg at 6'3. I'm relatively fit with decent enough VO2 max for my age.

My questions are - given my 'profile' above - are these figures far too outlandish to be considered relevant? What are your experiences with the kind of % discrepancy I should expect using this type of power meter? (I believe it is set up correctly).



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    Hi, I also have a Misuro sensor on my Muin, and have an Assioma power meter. I need to use the Misuro for Zwift, but it gives a power reading of ca. 10 - 15% higher than the Assioma. For the first 10 minutes it is ca 50% over... This stabilises at the 10 - 15% after 20 minutes or so. At high or very low power output they are pretty similar, its the mid range where the power curve seems wrong.

    Very disappointed that Zwift can't get the Assioma to work properly, it is currently only reading one pedal so half power. Equally I don't want to start Zwift racing with a clear case of electronic/software doping.
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    340 watts is about my best 5 minute pp when I'm feeling in good form.
    I'm not that shabby in LVRC races but I am old, so I'll leave it up to you to decide whether holding that power for a full hour is sensible?
    On Zwift not too many have a conscience... but at 80 kg, you''ll probably have to hold 600 -700 watts on Box Hill to stay in touch A race wise for 6 minutes.
  • [quote=" I'll leave it up to you to decide whether holding that power for a full hour is sensible?.[/quote]

    Assuming the 15% discrepancy suggested by Termite above that would bring it down to about 290. Which is still more than I was expecting but much more realistic I think!
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    Any of your mates have power meters ? How do you stack up ?

    290 is a good FTP for someone not that fast.
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    My ftp this year, as recorded every 8 weeks from various power meters (4iiii, powertap p1, srm and wattbike), was between 315 and 325.

    When I was recently looking for a new turbo trainer I used a muin with the misuro b+ sensor and didn't get on well - the power readings were roughly 33% higher than the actual power meter, even higher at low speed.

    The trainer itself though was excellent, although I ended up going for the direto.
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    They are hugely out, minimum of 30 odd watts usually. Here is a link for you -

  • For anyone interested in this product - I bought a real power meter and retested. Even with the Misuro B set up properly it still reads 14% higher that the true figures. (Assuming of course that the power meter is showing true figures, but for that price you'd hope so).