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Iberia - Santiago de Chile with bike

alanmalarkeyalanmalarkey Posts: 20
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OK, so I have a ticket with Iberia to Santiago de Chile although some flights are with BA. Its a cheap flight with a 3rd party and the baggage allowance is 1 case 23kg + a carry-on. the flight is Heathrow via and Madrid. looking on the website there isn't a way to add baggage if you are not an Iberia direct customer, so I call them and am quoted £150 each way for my bike - gulp! Looking on the website additional baggage says £120? So looking at the bike carrying rules it says: For long-haul flights (America, Asia and South Africa), it (the bike) is considered an item that can be carried within the passenger's allowance. If you add other items, exceeding the permitted number of free items, it will be considered excess baggage. Now I am thinking that I can substitute my bike for my normal baggage allowance, pack it to 23kg and take a carry on with any heavy stuff like pedals (but not tools because they would probably be confiscated at security. So what say you? Any thoughts, experience or insights?
By contrast Avianca to Colombia your second piece of luggage can be a bike and to be fair if I had booked directly with Iberia which would have been more costly as full economy i could have checked 2 bags. Lots to consider when planning international travel with a bike. Thanks


  • get the smallest bike bag/box you can find and check that in as your single piece of luggage and get to the check in really early and be really polite and smiley. I don't see what else you can do. I did the same trip (with Air France) and it was a whole different story and really easy.

    It's going to be boiling hot in central Chile so you won't need much clothing!

    It's a road bike? Could you hire one when you get there - Cannondale on Las Condes might be able to sort you out. Same goes for MTB too I expect.

    I take it you're familiar with the road riding over there. I lived there for three years and loved it. Good luck, safe travels :D
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