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help ks eten 1 and 2

gorfgorfgorfgorf Posts: 11
edited December 2017 in MTB buying advice
I want to buy a dropper post for my lapierre spicy 316 2008 and decided on getting a ks eten dropper post
But there are two generations.
my local bike store only sells ks eten v2 s for 179 euros and do the fitting for free
or I could buy the cheaper ks v1 on Amazon and get them to fit it for a fee that I don't know
I don't have the necessary skills to fit the post myself.
keeping in mind that the Amazon one is 139 euros
Now for the question.what is the difference between the ks v1 and v2 and if so which one should I buy?
Thanks in advance on the answer. :D:D:D


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    How much will they charge to fit it?

    If 40 Euros or so, it's academic.
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  • ok so i have decided to go with the ks eten v2 because I know it will work because a guy in my club has the same but I still want to know what is the difference between the two.
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