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Newbie help please

tooljointtooljoint Posts: 4
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Hello All

This is my first post so please go easy.

Okay i would like to get into MTBing mainly for a hobby/ exercise nothing to heavy.

I am 45y and bikes have changed a lot since my BMX and quarter pipe day, so anyway i have listed a few pre owned bike that look okay to me, are within my budget and can locally pick up.

I have opted for pre owned and kept my budget in this range for a few simple reasons, Not go too crazy and have the wife nipping my head, hopefully get a decent spec bike for my budget.

Orignaly my budget was set a lot lower and was looking for just a runner but thats not going to work, i fully know that this might turn into a full blown hobby and could get out of hand quite easily and costly but until then lol this is my budget range max GBP 300.

Below are the bike i been looking at, please your help, advice and thoughts are greatly appreciated, all bike are as standard spec when bought. "apart from the VooDoo Aizan which has been upgraded to 30 gears.

Giant Talon 1(2015) Large Mountain Bike ( GBP 300 )

Boardman Mountain Bike Comp 650B 2017 ( GBP 270 )

Specialized rockhopper expert 2012 ( GBP 270-300 )

Gt Avalanche Elite 2016 ( GBP 250 )

Trek 4900 2012 ( GBP 250 )

Voodoo Aizan 29er ( GBP 200-250 )




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