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Bike/Travel Insurance - One-way Trip

MCD028MCD028 Posts: 2
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I need insurance cover for my mountain bike (cover for lost, stolen or damage) for a single trip, one-way journey (UK to HUNGARY). (I'm a permanent Hungarian resident, but originally from UK).

More details below:

I am currently living permanently in Budapest, Hungary as a Hungarian Resident. I also have a permanent address in the UK where I am originally from and I moved here to Hungary August 2017.

I will be going back home to the UK mid December, then travelling back to Hungary late December. However, I will be travelling back with my mountain bike in a bike bag. I want to buy insurance to cover my bike in case it is stolen, lost or damaged only for the single, one day trip from London - Budapest. I or the bike does not need to be covered when I'm using the bike.

What I would like to know:
- What insurance firm sells this?
- Do I need Bike Insurance or Travel Insurance? (Though I'm pretty sure I need Travel Ins.)
- Do I need insurance from UK or Hungary (Europe)? If so, which insurance company?
- Have you done this or know of anyone who has?

What I need:
- It needs to cover up to £3000 if lost, stolen or damaged.
- Excess amount, no problem.
- Cover for a single trip, one-way journey from London - Budapest. (I do not want to be covered for when I'm using the bike in Hungary).

I have already:
- Checked with my flight company (Ryanair) and they do not cover for bicycles. (You just have to pay £60-70 to take it on board).
- Checked Ryanair's Travel Insurance - Does not cover for bicycles.
- Looked into UK insurance, but will only cover if you return back to the UK, it seems. (I live in Budapest).

Many thanks
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