Android play pops up from this forum

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Android play pops up from this forum with an app. What's going on because I haven't clicked on any ad or anything like that?

All I do is go into a thread and an embedded object warning comes up. I close it and play opens. Is this part of your ads?


  • bompington
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    Sounds the same for me - official looking system pop-up telling me I need to install flash player, I don't click on it but use the back button to get rid of it, but still get redirected to the Play store page for a media player app - three letters, v--, haven't clocked the full name cos I'm not hanging around to find out more.
    Allowing this sort of deceptive hijacking is p1ss poor for a supposedly professional media company website. And then they have the nerve to complain when people use the software that dare not speak its name to block ads.
  • At least it's better than the links that no matter how many times you click back hit still get sent to the dodgy site again. I think the worst case I got re-directed to about 10 websites one after the other. Go back from one of those I got another batch of websites. Ctrl+Alt+Del out of it. The only thing I could think of quickly. Then full virus checking just in case.

    It wasn't this site I think.
  • It's started to happen again. This is poor form IMHO. New page, about to start reading and embedded object warning comes up. Unable to back click on time so play and FLV app comes up.

    What I don't understand is, if you're being forced to view the app install page on play which brainiac actually thinks they'll get some takers? I mean it's a dodgy way to get ppl to see your app. What kind of idiot will not think the app is also dodgy?

    It's a pointless hijack surely!?
  • Hi,

    This ad shouldn't be on this site. Please can you let me know what network you are using (cellular/wifi), what device you are on and the date/time it happened. We then should be able to recreate the ad and ban it.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I get these, I'm on o2 using chrome, although 99% of the time I'm on wifi when I get them so would seem weird if it was an o2 thing.
  • I'm on three network or sky broadband using my android phone. It's happened last night about 9 to 10pm. Yesterday during the day. Plus other times. It comes and goes, so I can't give any times more closely defined.

    It comes up with a warning in grey that says something about embedded item but I can't read it before it disappears to the play store. It has only one button for "ok". The app is FLV. I don't stick around to read what that app is.