Recommend me an accident lawyer!

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SWMBO taken out on roundabout in a classic SMIDSY. Driver admitted full liability and offered to cover costs of replacement kit and bike repairs, but her injuries are potentially worse than initially presumed and I am losing earnings through having to take unpaid leave to care for her. Thus I am now looking at engaging official channels for compensation.

Slater Gordon and Irwin Mitchell ping up first on a Google search, anyone used them or any others? No, we're not BC or CTC members and yes, I know...



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    When will people learn?
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    Sorry to hear that PB. I used Leigh Day but I was with BC so went with who they use. Not sure what the deal is if you approach them privately but might be worth trying.
    Hope she heals well and you get something worked out. All the best to you both.
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    Alyson France, usually found advertising in the back of C+ also under the name of Bikeline when Googled. It won't be a quick process if injuries are involved getting a resolution as the injuries can take a while to heal and there might be long term affects.
    Not trying to put a downer on it but speaking from experience. My accident to payout was 12 months but I had relatively minor injuries and damage to the bike.
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    Leigh Day (sourced through my British Cycling membership) were absolutely ace for me.
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    +1 for Alison France - shes done good work for friends and family. Hope she recovers soon. Take pics and keep receipts.
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    I used Slater Gordon for an accident this August. Just got paid now.
    Driver pulled a u-turn without looking. I went straight into him at 30km/h (per Garmin). He drove off. Nothing broken thank goodness. Witnesses at bus stop who gave me car details. Filed police report. Then contacted Slater & Gordon
  • Cyclelawscotland were good for me and two other team mates. Another used Digby Brown through BC and got a massive payout :lol:
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    Sorry your & SWMBO having to go through this.

    1) Be aware that you'll likely lose 25% of "winnings" due to no win no fee process. It can be a lot. Try a local solicitor instead first rather than a national company, they are more likely to act on a normal process, but you might not get all of theirs fees covered, but it'll likely be less than £25% of your allocation....
    2) Contact the insurer's directly. Ask if they have referral to an solicitor's team .... some, like Aviva did in my case, and they charge a £80 flat "insurance" fee. The solictors, although referred by the company, have a legal duty to be independent...
    3) Slater & Gordon and Leigh Day have done well by my friends, but I believe that they are massive companies who can subcontract out, so you might not actually get S&D/LD solicitors.

    Good luck with it all, hope she makes a speedy recovery.
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    FWIW, Slater & Gordon aren’t a patch on what they used to be a few years back - rapid expansion and some bad acquisitions have given them some issues. LG article from a few days back gives a hint.
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