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Swapping fork when frame has internal hydraulic discs

pangolinpangolin Posts: 5,803
edited November 2017 in The workshop
My Cube Attain GTC Pro Disc came with a chipped fork. Rutland are replacing it, I said I was happy to fit the new one.

Then I remembered the cables are internal! Here's the bike.

It has the connectors in the disc lines that he unclips in the first half of this video:

If I unclip them, will I be able to pull the whole thing down through the fork or do I need to undo any more than that?

It's at home and I said I'd do it this eve so they'd collect tomorrow - otherwise I'd wait and try it later rather than asking first.
- Genesis Croix de Fer
- Dolan Tuono


  • pangolinpangolin Posts: 5,803
    Scratch that - the connectors were actually some kind of barrel adjusters on the gear cables. Not sure how to proceed.
    - Genesis Croix de Fer
    - Dolan Tuono
  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 26,725 Lives Here
    Ive no experience of that bike or full hydraulic road systems, but from what I know of hydraulic brakes on MTBs, cars and motorbikes I will say what I reckon.
    Put the bike in a stand and undo the caliper. Disconnect the hose from the lever end and pull through the fork trying to keep the top of the hose as the highest point. Put this to one side keeping the top of the hose uppermost. Swap the forks. Thread a line through the fork where the hose needs to go then pull the hose through, still keeping the top up. Then reconnect to the lever and test. You will probably have to bleed the brakes, I doubt there is a way to avoid that.
    You might try pushing the pistons out a little by operating the brake with the wheel off. Then just before reconnecting push the pistons back in the caliper. This will push fluid up the his to the joint. Worth a go.
    Hope that makes sense and good luck.
    If you need a bleed kit I got one from Epic Bkeed Solutions, worked a treat for me.
  • pangolinpangolin Posts: 5,803
    That does make sense, thanks Veronese. After accepting that I almost certainly would need to bleed the brakes, I took Rutland upon their other offer of doing it at a bike shop and sending them the receipt. I'll get a bleed kit and learn how to do it in future but as it's a new bike I'd rather just have it working without extra expense.
    - Genesis Croix de Fer
    - Dolan Tuono
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