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9spd chain / 11spd crank

mr_eddymr_eddy Posts: 791
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Ok so I setup my CX bike to 1 x 9 using new Shimano R3000 running gear. The 1x9 gives me the extra space I want for wider tyres ( I prefer to run 38-40 mm for better comfort on single track and dirt roads) , I am totally happy with the gear spread (the gaps in the block work fine for me) but I have been struggling a little at the top end as I was using the 34t from the Sora compact chainset and it was just not quite big enough - spinning out when I hit about 25mph on downhill roads - The only chain ring I can get for a decent price with the correct BCD was a 36t 105 ring only issue is that its 11 speed.

My understanding is that a 9 speed chain will run fine on a 11 speed chain ring as the internal width is the same (and therefore the teeth width and spacing match up)

Can someone confirm that this is the case.



  • mr_eddymr_eddy Posts: 791
    I appreciate that the 36t won't make a huge difference but according to bike calc it should bring 25 mph (about the max I usually go) into the 90 rpm range with my chosen tyres so that should be just the ticket. It also leaves me with a decent 36/32 low gear meaning I can get up most stuff.
  • keezxkeezx Posts: 1,314
    Max. speed is up to you, but a 9 speed chain will run fne on a 11 speed ring, not much difference anyway.
  • Alex99Alex99 Posts: 1,407
    I run a 10s chain on 9s rear and 11s chainrings. All happy together. I'm sure a 9s chain will be fine on 11s rings though. Is a narrow-wide chainring not an option for you?
  • mr_eddymr_eddy Posts: 791
    Narrow / wide will be on the cards just wanted a cheap 36t chainring to test the water so to speak. If I get on ok with it the I will get a decent 36t narrow/wide ring from the likes of hope or wolftooth. I didn't want to drop £50+ without testing first.

    This 105 ring is only £13 delivered so if it does not work out it's not a major deal.

    Ta for confirming
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