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Btwin quality?

stuart_c-2stuart_c-2 Posts: 805
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Hi all,

A Decathlon store has opened locally so have inevitably headed in for a look see and have eyed up a possible new backpack and jacket, but just wanted to get the general view on experiences and quality. What I have read so far has been good and most seem happy.

Looking at their 8L hydration pack (£35), like that it has the bright yellow rain cover tucked away for those commuting days. Also their windproof/showerproof jacket, any experiences of how actually wet proof they are? Need something light to stuff away when not in use (Have an Endura "proper" rain jacket for all day wetness).

As with these things, many will say "Looks too cheap to be good" but just thought I'd ask.


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  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,839
    Decathlon stuff normally comes in 3 grades. Cheap. Average and Dear. Never had a problem with any of it to be honest. For tops and bibtights I've normally had the dear stuff, most of which is still going strong after several years use and still cheaper than a lot of branded stuff. Planet X does good stuff as well.
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  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    With OM above, at Decathlon you can see where in their hierarchy it fits, it's always a decent and effective product and amongst the best value at its price point.

    I'm a big fan of their padded shorts but also have some of their other stuff like the sorely missed dropper (less play than a reverb for 1/4 the price.).
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    I have their fancy camelbak thing, the expensive one with storage for all sorts of stuff, built in raincoat (which I always forget about until after it's all muddy) I got on sale years ago. Still good as new. Only thing I changed after a while was the bite valve for a proper Camelbak one, as they just work better and mine was getting a bit manky.
    Other random odd stuff has always been decent quality.
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  • daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 8,770
    Clothing is great for the money, cycling, or any of it come to that. Own brand bikes are also excellent vfm, even better on both if you happen to get lucky in a sale.

    You are a lucky person to have a store that close to you!
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  • tomb57tomb57 Posts: 1,842
    Stuart think yourself lucky you have a store near you, I live in northampton where the warehouse
    is but have to travel 20 miles to the nearest store if I want to look at anything before
    Buying everything I have brought has been good value . Also as they advertise a 365 day satisfaction
    Scheme (haven’t tried it though ) it seems a winning situation.
    Whoops who did that!
  • thistle_thistle_ Posts: 4,596
    I tried some Btwin disc brake pads which were about £5. Stopped well and lasted about as long as any other organic pad I've tried.
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    Quite happy with all the Decathlon stuff I've bought.
  • It’s not Gucci, but you’re not paying Gucci prices. I’ve got loads of kit from Decathlon, it does the job, and costs so little, I don’t care if I only get a years use out of it.
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