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Developing an ant+ training app

Hi all,

Just popping on to mention an app I am developing for myself to use on a turbo trainer. I will be making it available soon for free on pc and android.

I will be looking for feedback or suggestions.

Further info can be found here

No iPhone for the moment... So yeah, just saying hi



  • I had to stop work on this for a little bit due to family circumstances but have restarted on it again. I have added some "motivational" bits to the sessions and put up a little video showing the Lazer Cannon... It is a little bit of fun but really gives you something to do when working out, a bit of variation etc. I also fixed some issues with the ANT+ connection, it would occasionally drop if you paused or stopped for a time.

    It needs a little work on the menu system (always the least favourite bit to do) before I let other people use it but the ghost riders and pacer AI is working well. I have also put in the ability to have multiple users so you can have a number of people with their own ghosts and whatnot. You will also be able to ride with ghosts of other local users (non local user ghosts will come later).

    I have tested it with a TACX Vortex and a kikr (not sure of the model) using Samsung Android phones (that have ANT+ built in) and windows 10 based PC's using a TACX ANT+ dongle. One of the guys at a local retailer who is into his indoor training has said I can pop down to try on their range in the showroom which will be good at some point. ... w-working/

    Currently you are able to define your own training sessions, create road elevation profiles to freeride/train on, perform an FTP test.

    The buttons you see on screen are for development only, allows me to test it without having to use the trainer to get wattage inputs - the buttons provide 300 and 600w (and variations) and are not there on a live build.

    Anyone willing to chime in with any must have features? (apart from multiplayer/data sharing - these will come, just not yet).

    Again, this is more of a hobby for me rather than any kind of business type thing.

  • tonysjtonysj Posts: 391
    Just had a look and having never been on anything other than trainerroad it look fun.
    I think you may need someone who has been in the virtual rider apps to comment as my turbo training experience is limited to TR and less than 3 weeks use.
    Would be interested in trying the completed app when it's done if you want feedback from someone None virtual rider type apps.
    Good luck with the project..
  • Thanks Tony,

    I am in a similar position in that I have not really used anything else but neither am I an avid cyclist. It is interesting doing this though, looking at connecting to devices and the various calculations for power/speed etc :)
  • just put some finishing touches to the workout editor. This is in the app itself for both mobile and desktop. Easy to use but might need additional features.

    Video here: ... ut-editor/
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