Specialized Roubaix SL4 Comp Disc

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What happens when you give a motorcycle rider with no license and no love for bicycle/s/ists a crappy hand-me-down "Warehouse Edition" mountain bike?
Well… if you guessed “Crippling depression and mad butt muscles” you’d be on the dot.
Thankfully, or un-thankfully in this little motorcyclists case, her partner happens to be a self-admitted bicycle-snob and very quickly pointed her to a bicycle online that would “make my stupid crims punishment a little more tolerable.. Perhaps even enjoyable!”
Enjoyable? Enjoyable!? Blasphemy!!

It took about a week before the Bike-snobs malicious plan finally started to take effect…

“beeeeeeeeeeeeb. Are pedals with “ultegra” stamped on them any good?”
Bike snob: Yea, very good… what did you do?
*1 hr later*

So yes, 5 months on I have my license back and also have an occasionally dropped/daily ridden Avanti Vitale.
But this isn’t the pedal powered magicycle featured on this post. Fairly simple to explain really, as it only involves two words. Bike snob.

“hey…hey Steph… you should buy that Spesh… it’s a gud deal”
After a week of deep meditation before firing off a cheeky lowball offer – I am now waiting delivery for my new pedal powered epicycle!

So without further adieu, Meet my bike!
2016 Specialized Roubaix SL4 Comp Disc in size "vertically challenged".
Front Derailleur: Shimano Ultegra 11-speed
Rear Derailleur: Shimano 105
Chain set: Praxis Works 50/34T
Cassette: Shimano 105, 11-speed, 11-32t.

I assume the kit is good. very much trying to learn the lingo of the cyclist, however this is placed a solid second after trying to unclip/ clip in without falling or single-leg-cycling.

Photo of my soon-to-be special little friend, stolen from sellers advert:

Aaaaaaand lastly for those who are interested. Bike-Snob: http://www.bikeradar.com/forums/viewtop ... t=13086923


  • Hired one of these on holiday last year, totally sucked any enjoyment out of riding a bike
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • I test rode one in the summer, felt like riding a sponge. . . .
  • Interesting... I've not had much experience with different bikes but this one certainly does exactly what I need (and for me anyway feels great)
    i live in a real hilly area and the bike pulls up hills rather effortlessly, gets to speed nice (though I'm still a bit scared of gunning it) and although not the comfiest bike i've been on, is certainly a ride my butt can happily be parked on for a fair few hours.
    Also really digging the disc brakes too! :D

    In comparison to my avanti, yea its a little softer and a lot less casual in riding position, but i'm not after a full blown sportsbike. Little surprised with the negative responses.
  • Well it's all relative, compared to your Avanti this is clearly a step up, but -as you say- you've not ridden a wide variety of bikes and perhaps lack a good benchmark to rate it against. The smallest thing can tip the scales between a bike you itch to get out on, and one that always stays in the garage, regardless of what each may have cost.

    One good indicator is how long the 'honeymoon period' lasts....if going for a ride starts to feel like a chore, it's probably over. :D
  • I have a Roubaix and find it very good for pretty much every riding type. The softness others mention, I rather see as comfort on our often appaling roads. Lots of gears to use for hills and it handles well, plus the advantages of disc brakes. Not the lightest bike for sure, but it covers all the bases for recreational/sportive/commuting cyclists. I'd also say that racers would benefit too, as the can be built up to lower weight. I think you'll enjoy.
  • Ignore the haters OP, if you like it, that’s all that matters
    Welcome to the world of non-motorised bikes! :D
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    Ignore the haters OP, if you like it, that’s all that matters
    Welcome to the world of non-motorised bikes! :D

    This - enjoy the bicycle riding and so long as it puts a smile on your face then stuff everyone else.

    If you start to really get into it then look at getting n+1 and keep this as a winter bike.

    Remember that pushie riding will improve your motorbike riding and versa versa. It's a win win situation.
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    This is one of the silliest threads I've come across. :lol:

    Recognition at last Matthew, well done!, a justified honour :D
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    He's right you know.
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    I would be happy to ride that. It is supposed to have better long distance comfort and take fat tyres for all conditions. The disc brakes will have many advantages. Whether you can keep up with a club depends on how fit you are and how fast they ride, not really on the bike .
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    Looks funky! Disc brakes a big revelation for me on road bikes.