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I bought some RACEBLADE PRO XL - SKS Mudguards; they were easy to fit; although I have a question for those who have also purchased these mudguards - the guards came with 4, small self tapping screws that should fit underside of the guards to stop them slipping; I've not used them, as I did not think it was necessary to use them.

Has anyone used the small screws in the RACEBLADE PRO XL - SKS Mudguards? or maybe you also left them out?

Thanks for any replies.



  • I haven't fitted the screws to mine, I left them out to make any adjustments needed. I've had no problems with anything moving so I doubt that they will be fitted now.
  • I also did not fit the screws, I swap the mudguards over between two bikes and need to adjust the frames on the mudguards, there has been no problem with them moving without the screws fitted even after moving the position every time I swap them over.
  • I didn’t bother either, it’s nice to have the adjustment in case you don’t put them back on in exactly the same place.
  • If you haven't done so already, make sure you put some helicopter tape or similar protection under the mounts of the frame. I found that the dirt & detritus gets under and can damage the paintwork underneath as they rub ever so slightly.
  • Alex99Alex99 Posts: 1,407
    When I have used raceblades, I did fit the screws. I got fed up with them de-adjusting themselves.
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