9100 Dura Ace groupset chain appears to be 10 speed

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Hi all,

I’ve been having issues with the 2nd gear skipping on my new 9100 di2 groupset. Bought it as a complete group from Evans and it came with a hg-901-11 boxed chain. However upon closer inspection of the chain I noticed that on every second or third link that it has the number ‘10’ stamped on the outer link plates. The only reason I can think it would have that would be to indicate that it’s a 10 speed chain.

Strangely on some of the links it has CN-HG901 engraved and I’m pretty certain that they didn’t do a ten speed chain in that version numbering.

So I’m totally confused, the chains box is a new 11 speed box, the chain has ‘10’ stamped on the links but also has an 11 speed model markings. Am I going mad.... either the ‘10’ engraving means something else or I have a weird mashup chain. I’ve searched the internet for every picture I can find of both Shimano 10 and 11 speed chains and I can’t find a single picture that matches my chains markings.

Anybody else out there with a di2 9100 group with the same chain? Or maybe know why the number 10 would be stamped on the links of a hg-901 chain?

Any advice appreciate.

Kind Regards Andy.
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    I have a 9100 mechanical Dura ace groupset which came as a complete bike. My chain has HG x 11 stamped on some of the links. However this is what is also stamped on the chain of my 105 groupset on my other bike.
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    Just a general observation - but isn't 9100 Di2 overkill on a CX bike?
  • Imposter wrote:
    Just a general observation - but isn't 9100 Di2 overkill on a CX bike?

    lol it took me a while to notice but then I twigged, sorry wrong forum. Its a Parlee Z5, I'll start a new thread in the correct place. :oops:
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