Hydraulic disc brake advice

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Hi all, I have some pretty poor cable disc brakes that came with my bike. I'm looking for a set of good value hydraulic disc brakes to improve my lack of braking! Any suggested types to try?
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    Unless you plan on changing your shifters as well, then something like TRP hy/rd might help. However, there's no reason why your cable discs should not be at least adequate. What are they - and are you sure they are set up correctly?
  • either change whole dam thing (shifters+calipers) to go hydraulic, or go for the HY/RD from TRP. they perform a touch less than full hydraulic, IF you get your self a nice set of compressionless cables.
  • I have just had the giant system fitted to my TCX
    first ride this weekend, will update later ,
  • The first ride with the new brake system was a success,
    The feel of the brake levers were spot on, makes the cable brakes a bit pants, it does look a bit lumpy on the bars.
    But the performance is much much better, if you can’t afford full hydro brakes , it is well worth it :D