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Campagnolo 11-speed cable pull changed?

Nick PayneNick Payne Posts: 288
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I have a bike with Chorus 11-speed components - I think 2011 vintage, though possibly slightly earlier - "Chorus 11 Ultra-shift" is on the box the shifters came in. The rear derailleur is mangled and needs replacing, but I seem to remember reading somewhere that Campagnolo changed the cable pull of their 11-speed components in 2015, though I can't find anything definitive on this. Will a current model Campagnolo derailleur index correctly with my existing shifters? If not, what are the options? Will a post-2001 9-speed Centaur RD index correctly with 11-speed cassette and shifters - a friend has one of those NIB that he will let me have if it will do the job?


  • They did change from 2015 onwards and no, it won't work. You could buy an Athena 11 speed rear mech which is compatible. They are around £75 or so I think. Not sure about the 9'speed option you mention.
  • Or there are usually plenty of second hand options on eBay of course
  • mfinmfin Posts: 6,724
    I'd just buy the correct vintage direct replacement, you might not find it in the regular online stores but some campag dealers with have one for sure or might even be able to order one.

    Or, find a used one on eBay or the classifieds, you can always bung a Record or Super Record of the same era on there if you find one of them first.
  • The way to tell the difference is all the 2015+ products have an A in a square molded or printed on them somewhere eg.

  • timothywtimothyw Posts: 2,482
    I seem to recall that campag's early 11 speed stuff had the same rear derailleur ratios as their 10 (and 9) speed so you could try one of those if happen to have it knocking around.

    Equally might be a way to save a few quid now although you'll have to do your own research!
  • cyclecliniccycleclinic Posts: 6,865
    an athena RD though has a weaker spring than the chorus RD because ultra shift over shifts slightly and the RD has to pull itself back. The powershift used in athena does not do this so the spring is weaker. uses an athena RD with chorus shifters and the shifting will drift with time. it will annoy you. just buy a pre 2015 chorus RD. -wheel building and other stuff.
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