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Was watching news this morning and a maths teacher who had been suspended for calling a transgender student a girl (collectively amongst a group) that's ridiculous said my partner "I would bet there's a lot more to it I said to her"
Why is there so much naivety and belief and taking things at face value without critical thinking!
If the guy had made an honest mistake why did he go on TV with a religious fanatic at his side saying transgender was a 'fad' and it was not good for homosexuals to live out such a lifestyle :roll:

All lies and jest..still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest....


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    There must be more to it than a passing reference - heck - I've called my nieces and nephew by the wrong names or said something that came out wrong. I've even called my son by the wrong name (accidentally - not the deliberate mis-naming that forms a game).

    I think there is a lot of "mountain out of a molehill" making - especially in regard to the westminster sexual conduct - what are we going to have next "(s)he glanced at me suggestively - I should've reported it" ... and in school there's a lot of "you can't do that otherwise I'll report you" - kids having more power over the teachers ... I was going to say believing they have - but in reality they only need to report an allegation for it to cause a nuisance to the teacher - it doesn't actually have to be true.
    However, if a teacher refuses to toe the line in reference to someones preference as to how they're addressed then that's reasonable grounds for complaint - and I don't give a hoot as to whether the teacher agrees with the pupil or not - providing it's a reasonable term they should comply with it.
    Easy parallel to make is nicknames - if a student wishes to be addressed (or not) by a nickname then why shouldn't that request be adhered too - and that can be at an individual level - my niece likes the nickname I gave her - but doesn't want anyone else to call her that - and she quite legitimately complains when others call her using that name.
  • Got three transgender kids at my school.

    We ask them how they prefer to be addressed, and then stick to it as a team. No movement from that and if the other students need educating then so be it - it's an opportunity for a great PSD / PSHE lesson(s).

    Additionally the kids own request in this case will trump parental requests, and frankly in this line of work I spend more time educating parents than I do kids (I'm lucky, as head I have a very light teaching load!)
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    See also various tabloids frothing at the mouth about the CofE issuing very sensible straightforward guidance on the subject to its schools. I think the Sun went for sniggering trivialisation, equating school children with drag queens. Surprised they haven't been called out on it, actually.
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