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Deore FC-M590 9spd Triple or other?

wolfsbane2kwolfsbane2k Posts: 2,992
edited November 2017 in MTB buying advice
Needing a new 9spd triple crankset for XC hardtail that's used as winter commuter & light trail use.

I've found the FC-M590 Deore 9sp triple crankset brand new for £45 with 175mm cranks in 44/32/22 which is what's currently fitted ,( I would prefer 48/36/24). I think this is the best I'm going to get for the cash, even though it's now quite old Deore.

Any other recommendations for BB and cranks at that price ? I keep looking for 2nd hand stuff, but it's getting harder to find.

I was going to go 10spd double as a full groupset, but that's gone way up in price recently :(
Intent on Cycling Commuting on a budget, but keep on breaking/crashing/finding nice stuff to buy.
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