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Sending a course from Android(with Ant+) to 310XT

Selby8Selby8 Posts: 3
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Hello everyone. I usually use the Garmin PC training center software to send courses I create (TCX or CRS files) to my 310XT watch. However, I'm away from home for a long while and I forgot my ANT+ stick. What I do have are the courses saved in my Garmin connect account and also stored on my rooted android, which has built-in Ant+ capabilities. I always use it(Sony Xperia M4 Aqua) to upload workouts from the watch to Garmin connect via a 3rd party app. But the app I use doesn't support transfering files in the opposite direction, and I couldn't find one that does. I also have a laptop, but without the Ant+ stick.
I couldn't find the stick in any store, the only way is to order from China(EBay, aliexpreess, etc...) which will take over a month to arrive.
Can anyone find a magic solution? Perhaps a way of using the phone as an Ant+ stick, or an app that supports transfering directly from the phone? Like I said, the phone has root access if it helps in any way. I really need the courses on my watch for easier navigation. Thank you.


  • navrig2navrig2 Posts: 1,810
    Can you export from your Garmin account on the Android device? If so export and save to My Files and then connect your laptop either by USB cable or BT and download to the laptop. Then use the laptop to the watch.

    I don't think you can do it direct.
  • Thanks for answering.
    The problem is that without the Ant+ dongle I have no way to transfer from the laptop to the watch. The phone has Ant+ built in but I don't know how to use it to send courses to the watch.
  • navrig2navrig2 Posts: 1,810
    Looking at the Garmin site and this site: makes me think it is one way traffic for the data unless you use ANT+.
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