What shoes do you use?

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Am after a pair of cheap but decent shoes for off-roading on my cross bike, I am not racing at present but just enjoying riding off-road on local routes and also taking in some technical cliff paths etc where I am getting off and walking a bit a as some of the terrain is pretty rocky and not ridable on a cross bike (for someone of my level).

I have seen the DHB Troika shoes at Wiggle (http://www.wiggle.co.uk/dhb-troika-mtb-shoe/) and they seem pretty decent for the money, does anyone have a pair and are they decent or shi7, should I avoid and go for something else instead?

Looking at around the £50-£70 mark.

What would you recommend?
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  • joey54321
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    Fit is the most important thing.

    I have recently purchased a set of MTB shoes from the same manufacturer that I use on the road (and the same last too). Worth it to be more comfortable.
  • JesseD
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    Road shoes are Shimano, had the Sphyres which i found a tad too wide in the forefoot section and I also have a pair of R171's which are the same but usable as my winter shoes for the road. I am still looking for decent road shoes as the only ones I have had in the past couple of years which fitted me great were some custom mouldable Shimano ones, but they no longer do them.

    Was going to order the DHB's to try for size, but if they are cack shoes then there is no point, same with any shoe I get, first and foremost they must fit and if they dont then I send back, but if the reviews for any shoe are pretty rubbish before I even try them on I wont bother ordering them.
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    There are reviews on the Wiggle page you linked to. As others have said though, fit is the primary concern..
  • JesseD
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    Bought a pair of the DHB in the end and as per the reviews on the site bought a size 44 instead of my usual size 45 as they apparently came up big, and they certainly did, even the 44 was too big so back they went to be swapped for a 43.

    I am a 45 in Shimano/Sidi/Giro etc so the DHB sizing must be way out??

    That said the quality looked pretty good and they looked well made, style wise I bought the "Urban Camo" ones and to be fair they did look pretty nice!
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