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Giant propel gear / brake cables

mason5697mason5697 Posts: 63
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Needing to replace my gear and brake cables on my 2016 propel. Is it relatively easy to feed them through the internals of the bike? Or is there a bit of a knack to it? Will I need to tape the new cable to the old one and pull it through that way?


  • Looking at some pictures online of the 2016 Propel, it looks like the cable routing is the same as on my 2017 Propel.
    I had to re-cable mine ... and as I recall the only bit that gave me a slight issue was the cable exit point for the rear derailleur, on the drive-side chain stay. Mine didn't appear to have an internal cable guide in this section of the bike. I tried wiggling the cable about a bit, but that didn't work on it's own ... I ended up using the fairly strong cadence sensor magnet to help persuade it to pop out the hole - which worked, eventually.

    So, not the easiest ... but by no means the worst experience I've had - compared to recabling a couple of other internally routed bikes.
  • Go to your local shop and see if they'll give/sell you some cable guides. They come with framesets when you buy them. Snip the end of the old cable off and slide it all the way through the frame to the shifter end. Cut the shifter nipple off and pull the old cable completely out leaving the guide left in the frame. Easy!
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