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help with front chainring shifting on an older Pinarello please

MrATXMrATX Posts: 8
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Hi all, I'm new to road biking and I've recently bought what I believe is an early 2000s Pinarello Galileo. Everything is working well except shifting the front chainring. Below are a few things I noticed that I thought were maybe a bit off, take a look and let me know what you think.

1. the shiftier seems to have four positions rather then the three I would have expected being the bike is a triple ring. And when pushing the lever for the smaller ring, it seems to be a bit rough and almost seems to jump. Check out the video for a little demonstration.

2. On the front derailleur, the little rubber isolator that should stop the derailleur from hitting the frame seems not be aligned right and it misses. See pic linked below ... sp=sharing

3. The cable going under the bottom bracket is rubbing the bottom bracket when it turns up toward the derailleur. Is that a big problem? Can I get a better fitting plastic guide? ... sp=sharing

5. The derailleur seems to be a 105 but the rest of the components are Tiagra. I'm thinking someone might have put on an incompatible derailleur and could never get it to shift right. ... sp=sharing

what do you think?
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