C2C in a day

nigelh8991 Posts: 12
I have signed up to do the C2C in a day next year.
Anybody else done it and have any tips. Also how did people train for this. I have signed up to do 2 sportives next year Wiggle Vale Velo and The Struggle Dales. I've done sportives before so am used to cycling long distances.

many thanks


  • Beatmaker
    Beatmaker Posts: 1,092
    I've not done the official one, but I did the C2C in a day back in September with some friends, basically using the route from the event. We are all relatively fit and whilst I was flagging towards the end, it was a really enjoyable day on the bike and perhaps easier than I thought it would be (I think I'd built it up a little too much in my head, I was quite nervous the night before).