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10 to 11 on a DT Swiss hub, final check

burnthesheepburnthesheep Posts: 675
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One last check. Most "similar" updates I've found claims a 1/2mm centering change. That's been deemed acceptable after most have done the update to other wheelsets with the same hub update.

Wheels: 2012 Giant PSLR1

Task: swap the free hub for 11 spd

What I plan to use: the DT Swiss 11 speed free hub from any one of about a dozen bike shops or suppliers

The wheels:


  • cyclecliniccycleclinic Posts: 6,865
    Are you sure you need that freehub. It is a giant wheel. Dt swiss may make the hub but the freehub you want to buy is for DT Swiss wheels. Dt swiss make oem hub that require freehubs only available through that brand. I sell these but 50% come back because they did not fit even though I only claimed they fit dt swiss branded wheels using a 3 pawl freehub. Just because the customer has heard the hub is made by dt swiss or has seen a dt swiss sticker on the hub does not meN it requires an after market freehub.

    Ask instead a giant dealer.this is the only way as I have tried getting info on syncross, giant e. Tc freehubs and none is available or the suppliers are not willing to give it out or don't know. I run a shop too. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • LBS that is Giant dealer and DT Swiss builder claims it will work.

    I guess I'll spend more and buy theirs instead of a generic one online. I'll take it with me to the wheels and see if it works.

    I found this: ... fo_V01.pdf
  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,635
    there're two different freewheel systems that dts uses, pawls or star ratchet (even then there're variations), plus as above oem custom hubs complicate it further

    have you pulled the old freehub off to check what type yours is?
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  • The follow up to this is that it worked. I bought the 11spd freewheel body and took it with me to the purchase of the wheels. We studied it compared to the Giant document on servicing the DT Swiss hubs and I decided to buy them.

    The upgrade took me 5 minutes. 2 minutes work and 3 minutes looking at the cool parts.

    No redish, it was dead on center in the brakes. Took it out for a short 2-3 mile test ride with speeds up to 35mph and a 1kw sprint. No issues.

    There's a small downhill to my house at the end of the street that flattens for a bit. I often do a little roll into the flat and sprint to the house.

    I've NEVER gotten above about 33.5mph. Hit 35mph. At that speed these 50mm wheels are easily good for nearly 1mph.
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