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Tubeless Tyre Pressure

DudemanDudeman Posts: 2
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Hi all,

I've been riding my first road bike for 2 weeks now and was wondering what people would recommend for tyre pressures.
I'm running 25mm Giant Gavia Race 1 Tubeless Tyres, I weigh around 72kg and have been running 100psi. It seems to be fine but a bit more dampening of the rougher roads would be nice.

Does having tubeless change anything? Simon Richardson was saying that he runs 80 front 85 rear on his 25mm tyres, would this be a good option? Should I just play around with different pressures?

Any advice appreciated!


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,199
    I'm currently running a 25 gavia on the front at 85psi and a 28 IRC tyre on the back at 90psi. Both tyres running tubeless and I'm a bit heavier at 80kg. If this is your first time on tubeless suggest that you get some tyre worms for the inevitable hole that the sealant cannot sort. I found out the hard way and ended up running a few miles home one day. Cycleclinic does a pack for a few quid. If you are thinking of chucking a tube in mid ride be aware you will need something to remove the valve from the rim and also a Co2 inflator as normal pump is not man enough if the tyre comes off the rim whilst running tubeless.
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  • lincolndavelincolndave Posts: 8,252
    I weigh 72 kilo and run 25s and 28s between 85 and 90 psi, front and rear summer and winter
    By all means try different pressures until you find out what’s best for yourself
  • igstaigsta Posts: 56
    you should be able to safely run lower pressure than equivalent tubes setup given less risk of pinch flat and a more supple feel to the tyre.
  • There is absolutely no need to be running so high pressures with 25mm and tubeless.

    With your weight I'd suggest 70F80R MAX
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