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DT-Swiss RWS Plug-in Axles

dima_moteldima_motel Posts: 26
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Hello everyone,

I have Fulcrum etrto 622x15c wheels (I'm 98% sure) - It just says "Fulcrum Sports" on them, so I'm not a 100% sure.
Anyhow, these are entry level wheels (maybe it's these).

I read this article on about DT-Swiss RWS Plug-in Axles and wanted to get them ever since.

Problem is A) I don't know if they'll fit on my wheels. I have QR. Are they QR as well?
B) Length: They come at two different lengths - 12x100 and 12x142 - What will fit on my wheels? How can you tell?

Sold on Bike24 - Link.

I know it's kind of a silly question, but I just don't know where to get this info.

Thanks a lot in advance.
Much much appreciated!


  • grenwgrenw Posts: 789
    I have the ones in the article on my road bike. They are definitely thru-bolt and won't work with QR. The 2 lengths are front and rear - narrower at the front.

    I also have a QR version on the rear axle of a 5 year old mtb. They are quite different but still use the same 'ratchet' mechanism to tighten them. They may still be sold if you look around.
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