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security and other issues

RezzyRezzy Posts: 2
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I recently bought a second hand Kestrel Talon (maybe 2007 model), but still a very nice, although rather stealable bike. I mainly bought it for the London triathlon, but have been commuting on it too. I carry around a serious cable lock and D lock wherever I go, but together they probably weigh more than the bike. I live in London and keep my bike in my flat, although I'm incredibly paranoid every time I leave the house: will it get nicked? will I get mugged? will I eventually wear the bike out, before the triathlon? Will the tyres be able to handle the icy roads as we head into winter?

Basically, am I being a mug, riding this bike around 5-7 days a week, or is this normal? I've never really owned a bike anywhere near as nice as this and although I love riding it, I can't help but feel a bit paranoid. Any advice on security, safety and maintenance for a bike like this would be much appreciated.

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