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Dually Bikes - Dual rear tires for added balance with pedals

DuallyBikesDuallyBikes Posts: 3
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Hi Everyone,

We had the idea of creating a fully functional bike that can help with balance and pedaling without the need for training wheels or having to purchase a second bike with pedals. We made some modifications to the rear wheel and hub creating a "dually" styled bike that can balance on it own(12" & 16") (no kickstand or training wheels), allows for pedaling and leaning into turns and has a pretty cool look! We have seen inexperienced and/or less confident children quickly gain confidence and be able to ride with the added stability. We have attached some images and would like to know your thoughts if something like this would be of interest if you were looking to buy your new little rider a bike.

You can checkout pictures and videos via our Instagram and Facebook: (@duallybikes) (@duallybikes).



  • natrixnatrix Posts: 1,111
    They look quite 'rad' but teaching little ones to ride a bike is quite easy these days thanks to balance bikes so I can't see them catching on.............
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