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Portable battery for fan/turbo

LWLondonLWLondon Posts: 55
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So it looks like my winter training will be in a basement, with no power points!

While I have seen turbo trainers that self power (or are powered by your legs at least), I haven't quite seen the same for fans, and so people have told me they've "heard" of others powering fans using a portable battery or similar.

Is anyone doing this, and is aware of any out there that should be looked at? Ideally not crazily expensive....

(For those who would say "just sweat", i've seen overwhelming commentary that this just isn't as effective, and therefore while it's still good, i'd be feeling like i'm really not getting as much out of it as i should :( )


  • dannbodgedannbodge Posts: 1,152
    Can you not run an extension lead down?

    You could go with a car battery and inverter though

    Whoever says do it without a fan needs to do a session without a fan, as that would be the last time they say that.
  • daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 11,432
    There is a recentish comprehensive thread about it, but I can't recall who the op was. There was a load of suggestions in it, so if you can locate it, it might provide some answers.

    You categorically need a fan, and if you don't, you're not working anywhere near hard enough :-)
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  • Attach an old hair dressers hair dryer pod to the turbo with some ducting. Job done,. Get creative.
    Failing that buy some lights and ride the bike on the road.
  • sungodsungod Posts: 16,088
    is it your property? if it is, you can run an extension socket in or trail in a reel of cable

    if there's an accessible light fitting for a standard bayonet clip bulb, get an adaptor to take power from there, a normal fan won't take more current than a lighting circuit can handle

    a battery + inverter would allow you to use a normal ac fan, you need to calculate capacity needed based on maximum operation time needed, you'll need a charger as well
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  • Simplest solution is to run an extension lead to the basement each time you use the trainer, I would look to try and make it as permanent as possible by running it to the basement door and then just taking out the last few meters to the nearest socket. That would then give you power to any entertainment equipment or Zwift style software at the same time

    Alternatively something like this would be better than a leisure battery (car battery) ... rter-a10hz
  • daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 11,432
    Here you go - was on phone before, so not as easy to search:
    Felt F70 05 (Turbo)
    Marin Palisades Trail 91 and 06
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  • navrig2navrig2 Posts: 1,810
    Wow. Purgatory.

    Turbo training in the dark with no music or entertainment and no fan. Just you and the rats.
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