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Hybrid bike buying advice

norgaardnorgaard Posts: 4
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I am looking to start commuting to work by bike; my commute is about 7 miles each way over mostly decent roads with one little cut through towpath.

I am set on a hybrid bike so far just for comfort and the flexibility, however one which takes more from road bikes than mountain bikes. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum as I was unsure where it would fit!

So far I’ve narrowed my search to the following three bikes as my budget is £550 max. Would greatly appreciate which ones you think is the better bike/better specifications. Or indeed any recommendations beyond these three as I am completely new to this so only have a vague idea what I should be looking for. I’m only quite small at 5”5 so when looking in store I’m limited to mostly 16” or 17” frames as the 18” ones I tried were a little too big for comfort.

Raleigh Strada Speed 1 (currently my first choice) as it seems the one which is more road orientated, im just slightly concerned whether it will be able to consistently handle going slightly off-road on a compressed dirt/gravel towpath.

Raleigh Strada 4

Boardman Hybrid Comp ... -comp.html

Thanks guys


  • Haven't you already posted this on road buying advise?
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • JoshgavJoshgav Posts: 158
    I've got my Marin Highway 1 (carbon fibre ultegra hybrid) for sale in the classified under your budget. It's a 17" frame.
  • shewyshewy Posts: 62
    I got the Boardman hybrid comp at 49cm, only little myself and it's been a great bike, good components and comfortable, quite quick as has road gearing as well, the disc brakes are powerful and I popped on some sks mudguards for commuting.
  • MrATXMrATX Posts: 8
    out the two Raleighs I'd go with the STRADA 4, it has a 9 speed cassette and a three chain rings in the front. So if you have many hills that bike will have all you need in terms of gears. As far as being able to go on lite trails, I think either one would be absolutely fine.
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