New York cycle lane attack

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Shocking story

My heart goes out to all those affected

What a world

It's just a hill. Get over it.


  • andyh01
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    Agreed so far.. Very sad indeed...
    Should it be distinguished though?
    I.E Terrorist attack effects hundreds if not thousands, regardless of what pop concerts/film/sport event you happened to attend when terror strikes.....??

    I believe, it just happens where the opportunity to inflict the most damage exists - regardless of security present....
    Any where there is a large congregation of people, it will always be vulnerable , the higher % of destruction; The higher the potential success rate the better..... surely...?

    Yes its a terror related act and I'm not taking anything away from those involved nor am I condoning or victim blaming.....
    I'm simply saying those people involved were simply doomed...........regardless if they happened to be riding a bike at the time or happened to be walking down the street....?
    rest in peace
  • The Rookie
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    Nearly all the 'sidewalks' in NY are now protected by concrete emplacements which may be why he chose a cycle path as a way of getting at vulnerable people.
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    On same token.... Yes I understand, it's same as the gun law debate in USA ... People kill people not guns... per-say.... its the culture .... if not terror related.

    It's the manor of use/intent,,,,,